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MDA Muscle Walk Brings in $25,000

Hundreds of people across Texoma gathered at the MPEC Saturday to support a great cause.
Hundreds of people across Texoma gathered at the MPEC Saturday to support a great cause.

More than 300 people showed up Saturday and more than $25,000 were raised for MDA but the families we spoke with say the support they find at MDA events is just as important at the money.

Side by side, in matching shirts, with signs and banners they walk out the door of the MPEC towards what they hope is a brighter future for all suffering from muscular diseases.

“We got to go, you know we may not raise a lot of money, but you know for her,” says Kelly Toris who's friend Mel suffers from a muscle disease.

Even though Mel was too sick to walk, her family and friends knew it was important to support her.

“Show Mel that we're all still behind her and we're still fighting for her as well as she's fighting for us,” says Mel's brother Mickey Smith.

Smith says he will continue to fight for her, even after she can no longer fight.

“We know the day will probably come, hopefully not we can always hope for a miracle but we do love her and we're gonna keep supporting her, we're gonna keep praying for her and we're gonna fight with her,” says Smith.

Smith says you never know what someone is going through till you walk a mile in their shoes, and although they all wear different pairs, each and every person at this year's MDA Muscle Walk does understand this much; It's an incredibly tough and painful journey for those with shoes laced with a muscle- robbing disease.

“In March of 2012 was the last time Kelly walked and that was one of the hardest days of his life but he came out here and he walked and honored the people who were supporting him,” says Annette Crush who's brother passed away from a muscle disease.

Crush watched her brother Kelly, a Wichita Falls fire fighter, battle the disease for four years.

“Kelly said ALS gets one day of my life, I get the rest and he lived that to the fullest, till the last day, the day we took him to hospice he was joking with the nurses trying to make them feel at home,” says Crush.

It's that spirit of resiliency that keeps bringing these families back, hoping their contributions bring a cure to muscle disease one step closer.

MDA provides treatments, doctors appointments, and supplies for many families.

If you want to volunteer for MDA or donate call their Wichita Falls office at 696-5581.

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