Memory Fairy Visits Wichita Falls

Memory Fairy Visits Wichita Falls

The self proclaimed 'Memory Fairy' joined his fellow Sterling House members to raise donations for the Alzheimer's Association
If you were driving down Kemp and Callfield today you may have done a doubletake after seeing a life size purple fairy, and no, it wasn't a mirage.

That was the self-proclaimed "memory fairy."

He, along with members of the senior living center "the Sterling House," were at the intersection of Kemp and Callfield raising money for Alzheimer's disease.

The Sterling House volunteers stopped people at their cars asking for donations.

The memory fairy himself told us nothing would stop them from spending the day raising money.

"Even if it's pouring down rain, we'll still be out here," Jack martin, also known as the memory fairy, said.

All of the proceeds raised today will benefit the Alzheimer's Association.
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