More Host Homes Needed for Hotter'N Hell

More Host Homes Needed for Hotter'N Hell

As the annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred ride approaches, organizers continue to look for more host homes.
Wichita Falls' largest hotel is still not open. 

And this has Hotter'N Hell organizers still on the search for host homes as the ride is less than two weeks away.

Nearly 75 riders pre-paid to stay at the New Grand Hotel again this year.

But after the hotel lost it's lodging license in December, there's no telling when it will open.

The city of Wichita Falls sent the hotel a letter a few weeks ago explaining that the hotel needs to submit several applications for a few permits in order to make plans to reopen.

Hotter'N Hell organizers say they still have about twenty families that need homes for the ride.

If you would like information on how to offer up your home for Hotter'N Hell you can visit

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