Neighborhood Ninja Busted

Neighborhood Ninja Busted

He says he was fighting crime; cops say they don't need the help.
(WJAC) Residents Johnstown, Pennsylvania were left wondering exactly what it was they saw after an unusual sight in one neighborhood: A man was hiding in bushes and running through the streets, dressed in black, like a ninja.

Todd Kapcsos admitted he dressed as a ninja in an effort to help battle Johnstown's crime concerns, but he was charged with two misdemeanors for what he did.

"I dressed up in all black, snuck around, went through bushes," Kapcsos said. "I was practicing some ninja moves -- ball, looking like a rock, just hiding in the shadows."

Kapcsos said he doesn't deny what neighbors in the Moxham section of the city said that they saw, but he said he doesn't think he did anything wrong.

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