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New Bills Aimed at Allowing College Students to Carry Firearms

<p>Two Bills making their way through Texas Legislatures would allowed college students to carry firearms on campus. </p>

"I'm more comfortable when more people have guns that when one lunatic has a gun and nobody else does." Said Midwestern State Sophomore Austin Hicks.

New bills are passing through the Texas Legislature that would allow college students to bring guns onto campus to either leave in their cars, or if they are 21 and have their concealed handgun license can even bring it to class. And that's okay with many students at MSU.

"Given the proper training, it could be a safe thing. If you know your friends are responsible it makes you feel a little safer knowing that it's on campus if you needed it." Said Midwestern State Junior Mark Brown.

Although they trust that many of their fellow classmates are responsible enough for this privilege, some think that the responsibility of classroom safety may be better left with professors and faculty.

"The classroom would probably be one of the safest places to be on campus because most of the doors can lock, their being a teacher of higher authority I would understand if they had a gun in the classroom but students not so much." Said Brown.

As the Texas House of Representatives continue to mull over new Gun Bills, they've kept the rights of college students across the state in mind.

"Everybody is in favor of people's right to keep and bare firearms." Said Texas District 69 Representative James Frank.

"Everybody should have the right to safety." Said Hicks.

The bills have not yet become laws as they still must be approved by the Texas Senate.
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