New Grand Hotel Contacts Hotter'N Hell Organizers

New Grand Hotel Contacts Hotter'N Hell Organizers

There is still speculation on whether or not The New Grand Hotel will be open by Hotter'N Hell for riders.
Hotter 'N Hell officials say they will be speaking with New Grand Hotel officials on Monday.

It's over speculation the hotel will not be open in time for this year's huge event.

Hotter'N Hell officials say dozens of riders pre-paid last year to stay at the hotel once again this year, but the hotel does not have it's lodging permit.

The Wichita County Public Health District confirmed that the hotel has not applied for a lodging permit.

The chairman of Windsor Business Solutions, the company that owns the hotel, says they plan to make big renovations and have 100 rooms open by mid-July.

Hotter 'N Hell officials say they're still looking for host homes for riders who pre-paid for the hotel.

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