New Housing Development Promotes Water Conservation

New Housing Development Promotes Water Conservation

Getting the most use of the water we get naturally is one of the goals of a new water and energy efficient housing development in Archer County.
Builders of The Prairie off FM 1954 and Decker Rd. want to help homeowners do their part to conserve one of our area's most precious resources.

Lynn Connolly, co-owner of the development, says, "Every house that's built out here is required to have a rain water catchment system to be used for their homes or mostly for landscaping."

Homeowners must use water conserving plants, too.

"The landscaping that we've asked that people use is the xeriscape, which are your yuccas and native plants to this area," Connolly says.

Aside from saving water, the homes also use less energy.

"This fire place can heat the entire downstairs," Connolly says.

Even down to using the most natural cooling system of all: nature itself.

"The house is a north-south orientation, so you get the prevailing south winds," Connolly says. "This time of year, it's perfect to just lift the windows and have your ceiling fan and you're plenty cool."

Cooling and heating bills are lowered, too, thanks to foam insulation used throughout the homes.

"It makes the house virtually like an igloo cooler or a Styrofoam cooler," Connolly says. "Everything is closed in."

Once all is said and done, developers hope to help 28 homeowners save money on their energy bills and as much water as they can.

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