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New Information Released in Shooting of Montague Co. Deputy

<br><span style="font-size: x-small;" mce_style="font-size: x-small;"><p dir="LTR">The Montague County sheriff's deputy who was shot by the driver of the vehicle remains hospitalized in Fort Worth tonight.</p></span>

Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham says 27 year old Deputy James Boyd is doing much better

After undergoing surgery last night.

As for the circumstances surrounding his shooting, investigators discussed those details in Decatur about one block away from where Evan Ebel crashed Thursday and drew law enforcement officials into a gun battle.

Authorities from Montague County, Wise County and Colorado say Thursday's shooting all started with 28 year old Evan Ebel.

Colorado officials believe Ebel fled to Texas after murdering a pizza delivery man and Colorado's colorado's prison chief.

They're now helping search the car for evidence to see why he was in Texas.

Officials say that vehicle matched the description of the vehicle in the Colorado shootings.

And authorities say the car, which had to license plates, is what caught the eye of Deputy James Boyd in Bowie.

He stopped the vehicle for a drug interdiction and was shot three times with a handgun but officials say the deputy still managed to call for help.

"It took him a few minutes to regain consciousness and awareness of what's going on but he was able to get on his portable radio, call for help, give a description of and tell them which way it was headed, which was astronomical under the circumstances and actually led to the suspect being found," explains Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham.

Authorities say investigators from Colorado are now searching the vehicle to see if anything in it can explain why Ebel was in Texas.

As for Deputy Boyd, Sheriff's officials say he's on the road to recovery.

"He was sitting up this morning talking to his mom and dad and was conscious and aware of what was going on," says Sheriff Cunningham.

Sheriff Cunningham says Deputy Boyd is expected to make a full recovery.

And while investigators plan to talk to him about the shooting, they don't expect to do that until his condition improves more.

Also, an account has been set up for Deputy James Boyd at the Legend Bank.

You can make a contribution at the branch in Nocona and Bowie.

To see cell phone footage of the shootout:


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