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Nighthawk Fans Cheer on Their Team Despite Windy Weather

<br>Nighthawk fans brave windy weather to cheer on their home team.

It's the second home game for the
Nighthawks this season at Memorial Stadium.

And today they took on the Cooke County Outlaws.

But the Outlaws wasn't the toughest team for fans to take on today. 

As the Nighthawks kicked off against the Outlaws fans quickly realized they'd be facing a more forceful opponent.

"It's cold today," said one fan.

"It's pretty cold, but with some blankets and some caps on it's okay," said another.

The cold weather had no legs left uncovered, and no hood was too furry to keep folks warm.

"Well I have a sweater, and then my sweatshirt, and then my [jacket], what do you call this, whatever it is," said Ted Paddack, a Nighthawk fan.

Many looked miserable cuddling together as they battled the 20 mile per hour winds, but it wasn't anything a friendly face couldn't quickly change.

And as fans rallied on their team they remembered what brought them to the game in the first place.

"This is exciting, it's good to have a semi pro team in town," said Rachel Bertelson.

"It's just a local team, we are just trying to support Wichita Falls," said Steven Boyd.

Happy and willing to bare the cold to cheer on a place these people call home.

About eight thousand tickets were pre-sold for this evening's game, which is 4 thousand less than the Nighthawks opening game.

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