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No Electricty in Parker Square Businesses

Early morning storm brings much needed rain, but knocks out power to hundreds across Texoma, including many businesses in Parker Square.

Hundreds of residents lost power when this morning's storms brought much needed rain but also high winds across parts of Texoma. 

Oncor officials say they brought in nine extra crews from the metroplex to help restore power, but the extra manpower wasn't enough to keep businesses afloat at Parker Square.

“I 'm sorry guys but we don't have any electricity right now so we are not able to open,” said an employee at Jason's Deli.

Jason's Deli isn't known for it's curbside service, but today that's exactly how employees were greeting customers-with bad news.

“We pretty much got knocked out of all of our electricity,” said Manager Dee De La Rosa. Which put a wrap on making the turkey wraps and paninis for a while.

But De La Rosa said they made this dark situation a bright one by doing some summer cleaning.

“We hate for our employees to have to be sent home just because we can't function, it's not fair to them,” she said.

Only every other work station in Tangles Salon could be used. And without air condition, using hot tools made for a heated situation. “Definitely warm humid in the building hard to do hair but we are making it,” said Robin Cook, the Owner of the salon.

Making hair-do’s in the heat, with eye opening cold water shampoos.

“We let everyone know, be prepared, for a nice refreshing awakening shampoo so everybody got to be wide eyed this morning,” she said. Around one in the afternoon, Oncor crews did arrive and power was restored for those businesses.

But shop owners tell us even during the incident, customers were very understanding, which made their business run fairly smooth during a difficult day.
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