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Oil Industry Experts Give Their 2013 Gas Price Predictions

Experts say the cost of gas will likely increase by 35-cents per gallon before going back down.
    During the last few weeks of 2012 and now into 2013, it's common place to drive by local gas stations and see prices below $3 a gallon.
    Experts say enjoy that price while it lasts and fill up while you can because it won't be sticking around much longer.
    Charles Langley, an oil industry watchdog, says, "When one or two major refineries announces a problem or a rumor of problems, the market reacts by raising the price. Whether there really is a problem or not."
    In their 2013 gasoline forecast, GasBuddy experts say you should expect gas prices to rise through April and then level off and perhaps decline slightly the rest of the year.
    They say those in the Dallas area can expect averages of $3.80 to $4.05 per gallon.
    Patrick McCauley, a Wichita Falls resident, says, "Since I don't have a choice, I have to pay what the market is calling for.  If it went up to $5 per gallon, I guess that's what I'd have to pay, but I'd like to see it go back down to $1.87."
    "We just got back from Pennsylvania and West Virginia and it was $3.30 something there," Crista Copley says.  "We got back here to Sheppard Air Force Base and it was $2.89 and i was like, 'Yes!  That's awesome!'"
    Experts say they expect gas prices to rise another 35-cents a gallon before coming back down.
    If at any time you want to find the cheapest gas in Texoma, click on the GasBuddy link on our website's homepage.
    There, you can compare prices and find where you need to fill up.
    The average price across Texas today of $3.16 is up 5.7-cents in a week.
    Prices in Wichita Falls the last 24 hours ranged from a low of $2.85 to a high of $3.19.
    The average in Oklahoma is much lower: $2.99 per gallon, a drop of 11 cents in a month.
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