Oscars Sneak Peek

Oscars Sneak Peek

Mark Barger previews Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony.
(NBC News) Even as Hollywood is getting drenched with much needed rain, it's also preparing
for its biggest day of the year.

The Academy Awards are this Sunday night.

The weather means the show before the show might provide the biggest suspense at the Oscars ceremony.

"There's nothing worse than a soggy Oscar red carpet," says Fandango FrontRunners host Dave Karger.

It's hoped rain will end in time for the glamorous parade of nominees, but tenting will remain in place if needed.

"It runs the risk of turning into a steam room. That's not what anybody wants, Nobody looks
good with sweat running down their face," Karger warns, "but if it keeps us dry, that's probably a good thing."

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