Pilot Killed In Airshow Crash

Pilot Killed In Airshow Crash

Show canceled after 77-year-old pilot crashes vintage bi-plane.
(KNTV) A pilot is dead after crashing his vintage bi-plane at California's Thunder Over Solano Air Show Sunday at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield.

The pilot, well-known in the local flying community, was identified as 77-year-old Eddie Andreini of Half Moon Bay.

He was performing an "acrobatic aerial maneuver" around 2 p.m. when he crashed, according to Col. David Mott of Travis Air Force Base.

"I saw the performer perform an inverted, and he was flying approximately 40-50 feet from the runway," witness Brian Stokes said. "And then, his plane kind of stair-stepped, then impacted the runway in an inverted formation, upside down."

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