Projects Needed

Projects Needed

Organizers behind the "Teens Make a Difference" program say they have plenty of teens ready to work, but not enough projects for them to work on.
This is the 12th year The Nonprofit Center of Wichita Falls has sponsored "Teens Make a Difference."

Organizers said there are around 1800 teens signed up this year, but only 47 projects, down from their average of 80.

That's why organizers are asking anyone who needs help with projects like painting, yard work, or general clean up to come forward.

"Anybody who has an opportunity, a project, for teens to put their fingerprint on our community, that's what we're looking and asking for," said Steward Harvey, Executive Director of The Nonprofit Center of Wichita Falls, "and that can come from just about anybody, anywhere."

"Teens Make a Difference" is scheduled for Saturday, October 27th.

If you have a project you feel would be appropriate for teens to help out on, call The Nonprofit Center of Wichita Falls at 322-4961
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