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Rebuilding a Home Together

Family and Friends help to rebuild Raymond Molina's home after Fourth of July fireworks spark a fire in his home.

For most people building a house is no easy task.

And when you start from ashes with no money in your pockets, it makes putting a roof over your head that much harder.

But for one Wichita Falls man that's exactly where he finds himself.

You see on July 4th sparks from fireworks burned down Raymond Molina's house on Mclaughlin.

And though volunteers have put in more then one thousand hours of time to rebuild his place, it will still be awhile till his house can be called a home again.

"How are we going to rebuild. That's the question, rebuilding is difficult where we going to come up with the funds, how we going to do it."

The question weighs heavy on James Molina's mind.

Photos show what was left of his father's home after fireworks burned it to the ground on July 4th.

Almost everything was lost in the flames except a stove, which may not even work, and a couple of mattresses.

But for Raymond Molina the man who lived in the house for years, he says dwelling on the loss just isn't worth it.

"I don't have time to think about what i lost. So now i am just thinking about trying to repair here," said Raymond Molina.

With no cash of his own friends and family are supporting Molina by building him a new home and putting a roof over their friend's head, "We have been very fortunate that family friends and people that we don't even no has been pitching in," James Molina says.

But that pitching in doesn't stop with construction Raymond's friends are also fundraising for him.

At the Thirsty Camel family and friends recently came together to offer support by the plateful and held a raffle, all of the money raised, went right back to Raymond.

He says the outpour of love shown after his tragedy is overwhelming "I can't talk enough about the people who are helping out."

If you would like to help Raymond Molina build his home an account has been set up at Citi Bank under his name.

Just say his name "Raymond Molina."

I know Raymond and his family are very thankful for all the support.

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