Rock Concert Helps Superstorm Sandy Victims Rebuild

Rock Concert Helps Superstorm Sandy Victims Rebuild

<font size=2> <P>More than a month ago Hurricane Sandy flooded the East Coast causing billions in damage and leaving thousands homeless.</P> <P>Cleanup efforts continue but its not just happening there.</P> <P>Clay Kush joins us with more on how two Texoma woman are hosting an event tonight that is strumming up assistance for storm victims.</P></font>

Iowa Park residents Kayla Gray and Melissa Hicks say after waiting the devastation caused by Super Storm Sandy they knew they had to do something.

So tonight, they teamed with the American Red Cross and the Eagles Lodge for a concert that allowed Texomans to rock out and help storm victims rebuild.

Despite being thousands of miles away from the destruction left by Superstorm Sandy six weeks ago the pain felt by those in its wake hit home for Kayla Gray and Melissa Hicks.

Both knew they had to do something to help those affected.

"It just broke my heart, I couldn't believe that so many people were losing their homes and their way of life," explains Gray.

The Eagles Lodge in Wichita Falls was the location of their Rock Out 'N Rebuild concert and it had residents jamming out and donating money to help those in need.

As the generosity poured in organizers say it's important to remember how disasters like Superstorm Sandy could happen anywhere. Anywhere.

"Hopefully people will understand that we want to help those people out and make sure we take care of those people in need so that, if and when something like that happens to us, we can have that part of the country step up for us," says Hicks.

For those not able to make it to tonight's concert you can make a donation to the American Red Cross so its volunteers can continue providing supplies and assistance to storm victims.

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