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Senate Candidate Says He Knows Key to Lower Energy Costs

Tom Leppert, candidate for US Senate, says he disagrees with President Obama's energy plan.
    Gas prices continue to rise across the country, including here in Texas.
    Right now the state average is $3.60 per gallon.
    Tom Leppert is a candidate for US Senate.
    He stopped by the KFDX studio today.
    Leppert says Texans deserve lower energy costs.
    He says one way to do that is build the Keystone Pipeline that President Obama was against.
    In doing this, Leppert says the country will be able to utilize resources already on our soil.
    "The challenge that we have with energy isn't really an energy problem, it's a regulatory problem.  We've made it so difficult to access the resources we have in the united states, oil and natural gas.  It's a position where we're indebted and we're liable and we're exposed to what happens in the rest of the world," Leppert says.
    Leppert says we need to first use the country's existing natural resources.
    He says once that decision is made, we'll see energy and gas prices come down.
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