Six Airmen Return from Deployment in Afghanistan

Six Airmen Return from Deployment in Afghanistan

Family, friends, fellow airmen, and members of the Patriot Guard Riders greeted airmen at Municipal Airport as they returned home from their service in Afghanistan.

After a seven month deployment in Afghanistan, six Sheppard airmen are back home in Texoma tonight.

They arrived at Municipal Airport this afternoon and were greeted by family and friends, fellow airmen, and Patriot Guard Riders.

Those who returned home today left Wichita Falls back in July.

For many in the group, this was their first deployment.

While we were at the homecoming celebration, we met a father who traveled many miles to see his son step off that plane.

Dante Memmolo St. drove more than 13-hundred miles, that's 21 1/2 hours straight to see his son, A1C Dante Memmolo Jr, one of the airman who came home this afternoon.

"I'm very excited.  We're just glad that they all came back.  I was here to see them off back in July and now I drove back here," Memmolo Sr. says.

"He was there before I left.  He's really excited to see me and I am (excited to see him) too," Memmolo Jr. says.

He tells us he's most looking forward to resting, sleeping in, spending time with friends and family, and sleeping on a comfortable mattress.

And tonight, six more airmen are coming home from their service overseas.
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