Small Communities Isolated by Washington Mudslide

Small Communities Isolated by Washington Mudslide

Some small towns and communities are largely isolated due to the Oso mudslide and the highway closure it triggered.
(KING) On most weekday afternoons, Darrington, Washington dentist Ryan Johnstun would have appointments lined up like a nice set of teeth.

Monday afternoon, however, he was in his office writing letters to his congressional representatives. The topic: when SR 530 will open again.

"I'd like them to get some kind of temporary road in. At least let people commute," said Johnstun.

Johnstun and his wife Amanda Harris own Darrington Family Dental but live in Arlington. The blockage of SR 530 has forced themselves and their patients to extend their drives.

"It used to take us about 25 minutes to get to work," said Harris, who works at the office as a receptionist, "It currently takes us two hours."

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