Smart Woman: Pet Care without the Cost

Smart Woman: Pet Care without the Cost

How much do you spend on your pet? Most people spend 400 dollars a year on food and fun for Fido. While most people may know buying a mutt is cheaper upfront than going with a purebred dog, they may not realize purebreds typically cost up to 34% more a year just to care for. We tell you how to avoid some other common pet costs.

(Ivanhoe Newswire) - From toys to treats, it's hard not to spoil our pets, but you may be spending too much on every day costs.

One of the biggest pet expenses is vet costs. To save cash look into teaching hospitals, shelters, and branches of the humane society. All offer discounts on vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and other services. 

Also, try to hold back on splurging for pricey toys. Pets don't care how expensive a toy is so opt for something that will last a long time, like a Kong ball. It costs ten dollars and is virtually indestructible. For cats, laser pointers and even old paper grocery bags can do the trick.

Another way to avoid unnecessary vet fees and boost your pet's health is to kick the smoking habit. Particles from secondhand smoke settle on fur, increasing the animal's risk of asthma, lymphoma, bronchitis, and lung cancer. Furthermore, cats are more likely to have oral cancer if their owners smoke, so do yourself and your pet a favor and stop smoking.


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