Spirit of Texoma Winner: Robert Seabury

Spirit of Texoma Winner: Robert Seabury

January's Spirit of Texoma award winner has developed 3 shopping centers, 15 neighborhoods and thousands of apartments in Wichita Falls. He's been instrumental in revitalizing downtown, but one dream has soared into reality and into history.
On present day Call Field Road, a World War I Military Airfield existed. Thousands of young men learned to fly there. 34 were killed while training. Sharing this once forgotten piece of history became Robert Seabury's mission.

"When I heard a Curtiss Jenny might be available i thought if we could acquire that and fly it it would really bring attention to Call Field and the sacrifices of those young men it would be a wonderful thing."

In 2007, Seabury approached the City Council and 4b Tax Board about bringing the jenny home. Funding was made available, and she's been housed and Kickapoo Airport making frequent flights across the city. Now the Jenny will retire, finding a new permanent home.

"Twenty-thousand people came through the terminal last year. The idea of exposing call field and the jenny to that many people is exciting. we've got to grab this opportunity."

The Jenny will take to the skies one more time in November to take it's place at it the new airport terminal.

"It's a tearjerker, but I love the excitement of watching the Jenny fly but this is a new excitement and excitement that will go on for 50 years."
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