Summer Break for Congress Delayed

Summer Break for Congress Delayed

Lawmakers were supposed to be away on break, but they can't agree on immigration. Tracie Potts reports.
(NBC News) Lawmakers are supposed to be back home on their first day of summer break, and while a flurry of last-minute votes got them one step closer to the airport, there's still one big issue that hasn't been resolved.

In a scramble to get out of town, Congress got two things done.

States don't have to worry about a 28-percent cut in federal payments for road projects. Congress is putting $10 billion dollars into the nearly bankrupt Highway Trust Fund.

They also passed a bill that allows the Veterans Administration to hire more workers, open more clinics, and pay for vets who seek outside care.

But there's a big rift on how much to give President Obama to deal with the unaccompanied children crossing the border, and lawmakers disagree on whether to roll back a 2008 law that defers deportations.

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