SXSW Goes on after Deadly Crash

SXSW Goes on after Deadly Crash

Austin music festival continues following drunk-driving crash that killed two fans and wounded nearly two dozen others.
(KXAN) As daylight faded over Austin, Texas Thursday the music rose and crowds came out.

Crowds enjoyed South By Southwest and the sounds of Lady Gaga at Stubb's, down the street from where a driver struck fans.

"I thought about my little sister. You know, nothing you could really do. I've seen some pretty crazy things in my time, but nothing like that," said Taui Moe who saw part of the crash and was also in performing with the group Splitbreed. "I just wanted to help them, man. I ran up, but I got two feet away from [one of the victims] and I knew that she was gone."

Members of Splitbreed canceled their show. What they witnessed shook them.

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