Teenager's Glasses Deflect Bullet in Drive-by Shooting

Teenager's Glasses Deflect Bullet in Drive-by Shooting

A Seattle teenager's glasses deflect bullet in drive by shooting.
(KING) A 16-year-old Washington State girl was spared serious, possibly fatal injuries after the glasses she was wearing deflected a bullet that struck her in the face in a drive-by shooting Saturday night, Seattle Police say.

"I fell asleep with my glasses on," said Alonza Bryant. "If I didn't have my glasses on I wouldn't be here."

Police say at around 9:40 pm, there were several people, including children, inside a Seattle residence.

Alonza Bryant was lying on the couch in the living room.

An unknown group of individuals, possibly in a dark sedan, drove by the house and began shooting.

Several of the shots went through the walls and one round went through the front window.

Bryant was struck by a single round in the bridge of her glasses, breaking them.

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