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Texoma Could See More Options for Pet Adoptions

Wichita Fall's animal control euthanasia rate has prompted the health department to present a new adoption program before city council Tuesday.

Wichita Falls - Wichita County Health District says in the past three years its reduced the amount of animals euthanized by ten percent.

Last year, animal control's euthanasia rate of animals brought to animal service center was at 56 percent.

The health district hopes to continue the reduce that rate through a new adoption program, which will be presented to city council Tuesday.

We have so many animals that we think are adoptable if we just had space for them. So our end goal is to reduce the euthanasia rate and really give more animals in our community a chance,” said Director of Health, Lou Kreidler.

That's why animal control wants to start its own adoption program.

For $50 dollars, plus the cost to spray or neuter the animal, you will be able to select a cat or dog from their facility, which the director of the Humane Society agrees is a good plan.

We still get first pick over there. I go over there every day and pick adoptable dogs to put up for adoption here. I think it's a win win situation because it will mean that more lives are going to be saved,” said Cheryl Miller.

Animal control will provide more choices and more convenience for those closer to the city center, while the Humane Society will offer an overall lower cost.

Ours will come spayed, neutered, micro-chipped, heart-worm tested, they will have their rabies, everything will be done before they leave here and it's only $105 dollars,” Miller said.

Whichever method you choose both organizations say they are happy, because it means more dogs and cats will find homes.

Another program the health district will propose to the city council is a barn cat adoption program.

It would allow feral cats, which are usually not suitable for the home, to be adopted in pairs by those looking for a cat to keep farms and property clear of rodents.

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