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Texoma Prays for Jeremy Through Second Battle with Cancer

Driving around Texoma there is no shortage of 'Pray for Rain' signs but you may have also noticed a purple sign with a similar look.
Driving around Texoma there is no shortage of "Pray for Rain" signs, but you may have also noticed a purple sign with a similar look.

Those signs say "Pray for Jeremy."

It's all part of an extensive support campaign to help the Johnson family in Wichita Falls as Jeremy Johnson goes through his second battle with testicular cancer.

The Johnson family says they are overwhelmed with the support they have received, from friends and family, to strangers around the world. And their supporters say as they help the Johnsons, their faith grows stronger, helping them as well.

As Jeremy Johnson and his family enjoy the weekend in their backyard, one goal is always on their mind: kick cancer away. Jeremy just went through his first round of chemo.

But the family knows they aren't alone, as their community has rallied behind them.

“I don't know how you do it without it. I mean I don't know how you do it. Crazy, some people showing up just to hold babies, laundry, clean house, cleaning my room, helping us get through this in every aspect,” says Jeremy's wife Crystal Johnson.

From billboards, to fundraising pages and prayer vigils, people near and far have reached out to this family of 5 in their time of need.

“I've had people praying for me that I don't even know, from places I don't even know. We've had people contact us from the equator, to Croatia, China, Afghanistan. It all starts out 'you don't know us.' We get so many, 'you don't know us, but'”, says Crystal and Jeremy Johnson.

And they say those prayers have really made it easier for them to feel supported, especially after last weeks prayer vigil.

“You go into the hospital and you like, I don't know, over two hundred people just standing there in support. It's pretty amazing,” says Johnson.

The Johnson's say they truly appreciate every person that has reached out to them no matter how big or small. And they hope some good can come out of their situation.

“Maybe he was chosen to kind of put this story out there and bring the attention to. Prayer is what's gonna get you through any hard times, any storms in your life,” says Johnson.

“We may not have water but we have more love than any community,” says Johnson.

If you want to help support the Johnson family, you can find out about fundraisers or prayer vigils, on their Facebook Page. 

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