TxDOT Pushes "Faces of Drunk Driving" Campaign During Fourth of July

TxDOT Pushes "Faces of Drunk Driving" Campaign During Fourth of July

A former MSU student whose life was changed forever when he got in a vehicle with a drunk driver is one of the faces of the TxDOT campaign.

TxDOT is reminding you of the dangers of drinking and driving by launching a new campaign.

"Faces of Drunk Driving" is website that introduces you to those whose lives have been changed because of drinking and driving.

It shows the personal side of what happens when someone drinks alcohol and then drives or if someone gets in the vehicle with someone who chose to drink and drive.

One of the faces of the campaign is Sean Carter.

He's a former Midwestern State University student who got into a truck driven by someone who'd been drinking.

Adele Lewis, public information officer for TxDOT, says, "It puts a local face on it.  And especially Wichita Falls.  Usually we're looking at people from Dallas, San Antonio, or something like that, but here you've got a Wichita Falls boy on that website looking at you, a very handsome boy from Midwestern, and how it changed his life radically."

The truck in which Sean was riding hydroplaned on Midwestern Parkway in March 2005 and struck a tree.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury because of that accident and can no longer speak or walk.
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