Union Square Unveils New Branch, Technology

Union Square Unveils New Branch, Technology

Those the Parker Square branch of Union Square has been open for several weeks, folks from across the area celebrated the new branch with a ribbon cutting Thursday.
Along with celebrating its new location, a Wichita Falls credit union also showed off some new, state-of-the-art technology during its grand opening.

Union Square has been open in Parker Square for several weeks now, but the official ribbon cutting was today.

The new branch boasts something the other chapters don't have: electronic vault access.

It allows customers to access safety deposit boxes by themselves.

Joe Mannion, VP of information and technologies for Union Square, says, "It uses multi-factor authentication, so they have a PIN number that they choose and they have a biometric scan, so they put in their pin and they scan their hand. If it matches what's in their database, it unlocks the door for them."

The technology allows only once person inside the vault room at a time and the door locks behind them so no one else can enter the room.
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