Using Compost to Keep Green During HHH

Using Compost to Keep Green During HHH

Tons of trash this weekend, but Wichita Falls city sanitation officials find ways to stay green.

The three day event brings thousands of people to town, and to the MPEC in downtown Wichita Falls.

And that had city sanitation officials talking trash.

Compost bins were placed at rest stops along the ride route

and cyclists gladly filled them with waste from fruits and other foods that helped refuel them.

City sanitation officials say the hundreds of pounds of trash collected will be turned into treasure.

"We are capturing a lot of material out of the land fill, we are preventing Methane pollution, and we are creating a product we can use locally in our own yards and gardens," said David Lehfeldt, from Wichita Falls Sanitation Dept.

Over the next few days the waste will be collected and turned into compost at the city landfill.

Officials say the compost program processes more than 22 thousand tons of materials each year.

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