Warmest Night in the History of Wichita Falls Recorded

Warmest Night in the History of Wichita Falls Recorded

The low temperature in Wichita Falls Tues. July 26 was 88, making it the warmest low ever.
This morning's low of 88 beats the old low by one degree.  The National Weather Service confirms the old warmest low in Wichita Falls was 87 set on August 16, 1952.

Here is how the temperature broke down during the overnight hours:

12mn: 94
1am:  91
2am:  92
3am:  90
4am:  89
5am:  89
6am:  90
7am:  89

At some point in between hourly readings the temperature dropped to 88.

The National Weather Service certified this new record at 11am.  This also breaks the daily warmest low temperature reading for July 26 set back in 1954 at 83.

Cloud cover may be the key reason the temperature stayed so high in the city overnight.  Cloud cover can act as an insulator preventing the heat from radiating back out into the night sky.  Normally this act of heat leaving the surface will allow the temperature to drop down much lower.  But the clouds acted like a blanket and kept us very very warm.

The average low for this date is 73.

Meteorologist Bryan Rupp.
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