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Waurika High School has 5 Valedictorians

While the valedictorian is usually the top graduating senior, at the high school class in Waurika, it's rather crowded at the top.
It can be lonely at the top, but not in Waurika. While the valedictorian is usually the top graduating senior, at the high school class there, it's rather crowded at the top.

Five students tied for valedictorian, that comes out to 27 percent of Waurika High School's senior class. 

“I always thought that it would weed down to only a few but once this year started and I realized that everyone was going to do what it took to get valedictorian I knew it was going to be five,” said Melea Barrick, one of valedictorians.

“It's an honor, it's a very competitive class so keeping it up with everybody else, that's what I am most proud of, proud of all of us,” she said.

But at the same time, it can be hard sharing what is usually a singular title with four others.

“I mean it makes me happy that we all achieved our goal but at the same time we all want to be the sole valedictorian,” said Kendrick Davis.

Don't let these students 4.0 fool you. They've been doing a lot more than just hitting the books.

“This year I am our chapter president for FFA . I show a lot of pigs. I really enjoy that. And I also play basketball and softball and cheer and National Honor Society,” said Courtland Henderson.

And for these bright students, graduation is only the beginning to more success in the future.

“I am going to be in the leadership academy and the marching band there, so I am nervous for keeping all my grades up for that I am going to be a chemistry major and I am going to be a double major in an honors college there and a music minor,” said the fifth valedictorian, Courtney Howard.

Waurika High School's salutatorian honor is also shared between two students.

All the students say their families played a big part in their success, by supporting them to reach their goals.
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