W.C. Jail to Use Recruiter to Save Money

W.C. Jail to Use Recruiter to Save Money

<br><p dir="LTR">Wichita County Sheriff David Duke outlined his budget proposals for Wichita County Commissioners.</p> <p dir="LTR">And today, the focus was on the Wichita County Jail. </p> <p dir="LTR">His budget includes the creation of a temporary position to cut costs.</p>

Sheriff David says the jail generates a lot of overtime because a lot of employees start there then move to other departments.

So, he's hoping to cut overtime costs through a newly created position.

The Wichita County jail has about 150 employees but Sheriff Duke says with that many workers this department is typically down five to 10 people at any given time.

Officials say the cost to keep all shifts fully staffed is overtime money.

Sheriff Duke told county commissioners he has turned a jailer into a temporary recruiter to generate applicants and fill the voids.

"For the next 6 months we're gonna try it as a pilot program to see if the recruiter can do what we think he can do to be able to bring the people here to apply that we can hire from a good pool of good people," says Sheriff Duke.

Duke says sometimes the pool of applicants are not that great.

"We get a lot of people who want to work here... apply to work here there have been arrested for a Class B or A misdemeanor or above that re not eligible to work here. This way we can identify the people pretty quick that don't have any type of criminal record who may want to work in the Sheriff's Office and the jail," Sheriff Duke says.

Duke says the new recruiter would be evaluated in January and if he's not successful at recruting he would be returned to being a jailer.

However, if he is successful, then the recruiting job would continue which Duke says will save the jail thousands of dollars in overtime each year.

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