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WF Teachers to Pay to Plug in

Teachers in Wichita Falls will have to pay to keep small, personal appliances in their classrooms next semester, but how much they'll pay has not yet been decided.
The Wichita Falls School District needs to reduce electric use by 5 percent because of state mandates. The annual electric bill for the district is about $2-million. To save, Superintendent George Kanzanas has informed teachers that next fall they will face fees for personal appliances like lamps, heaters, coffee pots and so on. He says if the items are used for instructional purposes there will not be charges.

Kazanas is asking teachers to either consolidate appliances, unplug them if possible when they're not in use or remove them this semester.

District officials say there are about 1700 personal appliances in the district, and later this spring the superintendent will conduct a re-count before determining a fee structure for having them in the classroom.

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