WF Wholesale Water Customers Can Use Purchased Water However They Want

WF Wholesale Water Customers Can Use Purchased Water However They Want

All of us know that every drop counts, and with that in mind, we've received a lot of questions from many of you about how other organizations and cities that buy water at wholesale prices from the City of Wichita Falls and particularly, what restrictions those customers have on how they can use the water.
From water supply corporations, like the Red River Authority, to neighboring cities like Burkburnett, there are a number of entities that have wholesale contracts to buy water from the City of Wichita Falls.

Russell Schreiber, public works director, says, "They are also required by the state to have a water conservation drought contingency plan. In our contract, we specifically state that their restrictions have to be at least as restrictive as the City of Wichita Falls, if not more."

The city sets a reduction goal for each of those entities that they're required to meet.

"All of them have been successfully meeting those goals over the last couple of stages," Schreiber says.

He says as long as those entities reach the required reductions in consumption under stage five water restrictions, they can use the water however they choose.

As for questions about whether the city is selling to too many wholesale customers, Schreiber says the city has not overextended it's water supply.

He says the amount of water available to sell is based on the State of Texas Water Availability Model.

That model is based on this area's most extensive drought, which, until now, was in the 1950's.

The water availability model will be updated in 2016 and will likely be changed based on the state's most recent drought of record: the one we're currently in.
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