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Zimmerman Found Not Guilty in Trayvon Martin's Death

After about 16 hours of deliberations, an all-woman jury panel finds George Zimmerman not guilty in Trayvon Martin's death.

After about 16 hours of deliberation, an all-woman jury panel finds George Zimmerman not guilty in teenager Trayvon Martin's death.

The trial took 12 days of testimony from 56 witnesses.

Prosecutors, defense attorneys, and Zimmerman were called back to the courtroom late this afternoon with word, there was a question from the jury.

Judge Debra Nelson said, "The question reads 'May we please have clarification on the instructions for manslaughter." 

With input from attorneys on both sides of the case, this is the response Judge Nelson sent back to the panel:

"The court cannot engage in general discussions but may be able to address a specific question regarding clarification of the instructions with manslaughter."

Yesterday, the jury asked for and received a list of the nearly 200 pieces of evidence from the trial.

Criminal Defense Attorney John Burris says, "Getting the exhibit list is extraordinarily important because from there, the leader can go through and show them what the evidence is, and when there are questions that show up, they have the exhibit list and they can go and find the original document."

Emotions were on display outside the courthouse all day, as handful of supporters for both Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin gathered outside.

Zimmerman is now released and the judge ordered his ankle monitor to be removed once he left the courthouse in Sanford, FL.
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