Family of Texoma Ft. Hood Shooting Victim Speaks Out on Hasan Sentence

Family of Texoma Ft. Hood Shooting Victim Speaks Out on Hasan Sentence

The family of Jason Dean Hunt, better known as JD, speaks out on Hasan's death sentence.
A military jury unanimously recommends the death penalty for Nidal Hasan for the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, that left 13 people dead including army specialist Jason Dean Hunt, better known as JD and on Wednesday, JD's family is speaking out about that sentence.

JD's sister Leila says she was not surprised by the death sentence but executing the man responsible for the rampage does not bring her closure.

She says that comes with remembering the great person her brother was.

JD's family does hope the sentence will help others heal.

During a press conference at Fort Hood, Gayle Hunt, JD's mother, says she is tired of seeing Hasan in the media and wants people to concentrate on the victims and the survivors.

"Nidal Hasan is a coward and unrepentant murderer," Gayle says.

JD grew up in Frederick and graduated from Tipton High School in 2005 before enlisting in the army a year later.

JD was stationed at Fort Hood in 2009 when Hasan went on a shooting rampage, killing him and 12 others.

Nearly four years later, Gayle is at the same military post to hear her son's killer is headed to death row.

"As a Christian, I cannot say I wish anyone death for crimes against me or my family but that doesn't mean that I'm oppose to the death penalty," Gayle says.

However, not everyone in JD's family agrees with the sentence.

Leila Hunt Willingham, JD's older sister, says she's opposed to the death penalty. Others may think Hasan's punishment is justified, she says not even a death sentence will bring her brother back.

"Everyone goes through this a different way and my way has been to find a way to just find peace and love somehow in all of this hate and death," Leila says. "I do not find any joy in the death penalty or any happiness in knowing someone else is going to die because I know as a family member, what it's going to be like to have to go through that and he does have a family and I've met them and they're good people.

Leila says she did write Hasan a four page letter, that through his defense she confirmed he received, where she wrote about her brother and let Hasan know that she forgave him.

Hasan now joins five other members of the military on death row.

He will also be stripped of all future military pay and dishonorably discharged.

The last time the military executed a service member was more than 50 years ago.
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