Few Come to HHH Medical Tent

Few Come to HHH Medical Tent

Few people visit the first aid tent at this years Hotter 'n Hell.

The Hotter 'N Hell Hundred can be agonizing for participants despite the distance they peddle.

Each year doctors and nurses at the event's medical tent treat dozens of injuries ranging from cuts and scrapes

to heat related injures and broken bones.

This year the medical team was stocked and ready for the inevitable.

But they say this morning patients didn't pour in.

"We are seeing primarily trauma so far, it's been a cool day but it's gusty, and we have a lot of riders out there that just have a little contact or hit a curb wrong they are going to fall. And all sorts of things can happen when gravity takes over," said Dr. Keith Williamson, HHH Medical Director.

Doctors expected to treat lots of cuts and scrapes from riders slipping on wet pavement.

But since rains held off this morning doctors and nurses were not very busy today.

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