Making the Grade Haynes Northwest Academy RACES

Making the Grade Haynes Northwest Academy RACES

At haynes Northwest Academy&nbsp; it's not all about students having good grades... They are also striving for good manners.<br>

At haynes Northwest Academy  it's not all about students having good grades... They are also striving for good manners.
The Texas behavior support program-- or TBS-- has students working to become  respected adults.
Eddie Randle explains in tonight's Making the Grade.

Respect, attitude, character, excellence and success-- put them together and you have the acronym RACES.
Which is the name the students at Haynes Northwest Academy picked for their behavior support program.
Kids displaying good behavior and manners earn tickets for prize drawings..
Most of the behavior monitoring occurs in common areas where students congregate and mingle.

"We call them the common areas its the hall ways cafeteria the bathroom and recess and we teach them expectations for each one of those places and the teachers see the kids meeting those expectations they receive tickets", said Behavioral Specialist Jennifer Crawford .
Those tickets go into a hopper for the prize drawings.

"We teach them from the little ones all the way to the big ones its uniform as they move up through the grades then they know the expectations so by the time they reach the sixth grade they should have it down", Crawford added.

"It makes us feel good and it makes us feel proud that we are able to teach them things beyond math and reading and that they are able to carry those things on", says Kindergarten Teacher and program Co-coordinator, Amy Rhine.
On every wall on this campus you'll see  signs reminding kids they are always expected to  practice good behavior no matter what the other kids are doing.
And they are reminded constatnly that good behavior can be a good indicator of
Character which is key to a successful life and career.

"When we do the drawings the kids get so excited and some are crying and we're crying because they're crying. But they do really good and it makes us feel really happy that they are successful", said Rhine.
Eddie Randle KFDX 3NEWS.

Haynes Northwest Academy's teachers, parents and students hosted a block party to help raise money for the prizes.

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