Municipalities that Buy Water from W.F. Asked to Reduce Consumption

Municipalities that Buy Water from W.F. Asked to Reduce Consumption

<br><span style="font-size: x-small;"><p dir="LTR">Nearly a dozen municipalities purchase water from the City of Wichita Falls.</p> <p dir="LTR">Once the city enacted Stage 3 water restrictions back in February officials asked those municipalities to reduce their water consumption by 35%.</p> <p dir="LTR">And as the city approaches Stage 4 restrictions officials it's imperative that municipalities comply.</p> <p dir="LTR">According to city public works director Russell Schreiber, the top three areas that exceeded the reduction goal were Dale Dean, which had a 56% reduction in April, followed by Lakeside City with 37% and Scotland with 36%.</p> <p dir="LTR">Here's a look at the areas that had a reduction of between 33% and 28%.</p> <p dir="LTR"> Burkburnett had the smallest reduction of all the cities and while Burk officials say their water doesn't just come from Wichita Falls, their use has caused a flood of concern among Wichita Falls public works officials.</p></span>

As the drought continues to take a toll on lake levels the City of Wichita Falls has been tightening water consumption on cities that purchase water from the city.

"We asked all the wholesale customers when we went to Stage 3 to reduce their consumption from the City of Wichita Falls by 35%, says Russell Schreiber, Wichita Falls Public Works Director.

But Schreiber says the City of Burkburnett fell short of that goal-- reducing its water consumption in April by just 1%.

Burk's city manager says there is a good reason for that.

He says most of the water they are using is their own.

"The majority of our water comes from our existing well field. It was put in from the 30's to the 50's. We have our own treatment plant and so that's the source of the majority of our water," says Tim James, Burkburnett city manager.

Still, Wichita Falls public works officials say compliance is mandatory.

That's why Schreiber says he's working with Burkburnett to cut its Wichita Falls water use to 35%.

"If they don't comply then we would be forced then to reduce their water flow... uh, reducing the flow or reducing the volume to them," Schreiber says.

It's a step Burk officials say could cause a stream of problems.

"If that reduction from the W.F. line, as it comes in it could have significant impacts to our ability to supply water to certain portions of town," James explains.

According to James, the City of Burkburnett started getting closer to its 35% water reduction goal on Saturday when the town amended it's Stage 3 water restrictions.

And that amendment means residents can only water their lawns once a week instead of twice along with several other changes.

To see the amended Stage 3 restrictions for the City of Burkburnett, click the following link:

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