NATE Forms in Gulf, Could Help Texas Drought

NATE Forms in Gulf, Could Help Texas Drought

NHC declares Tropical Storm NATE in the Gulf and Texas residence hope it turns their way.
Late in the day on Wednesday, September 7 the National Hurricane Center declared the 14th storm of the 2011 season.

Nate is located in the extreme southwest portion of the Gulf of Mexico with winds around 45mph.

The current 5-day forecast provided by the NHC keeps Nate in the extreme southwest Gulf over the next 48 hours and then turns it towards the northeast Mexican coast as a category 1 hurricane.

Most meteorologists have low confidence in this forecast as the 'steering currents', that's the air flow near the storm that shoves it in one direction or another, are very weak.  Trying to pinpoint where the storm will go is very difficult at this time.

But if the current NHC forecast would turn out to be accurate at least deep south Texas could see some beneficial rainfall.  And if the current forecast would shift more towards the north it would raise hopes of rainfall getting deeper into Texas where the recent fires have claimed homes.

Stay tuned for further updates to this situation and use the link below for additional information.

NHC: National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Nate Data

Brownsville Texas National Weather Service Office

Corpus Christi National Weather Service Office

San Antonio National Weather Service Office

Mexican Meteorological Service (in Spanish)

Met. Bryan Rupp.
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