Rain Couldn't Stop People From Enjoying FallsFest 2013

Rain Couldn't Stop People From Enjoying FallsFest 2013

The 28th annual FallsFest took place at the MPEC this weekend.
The 28th annual FallsFest took place at the MPEC this weekend.

The rain may have changed their original plans, but FallsFest 2013 continued to be a success Saturday after organizers put their rain plan in motion by moving everything from Lucy Park to the MPEC.

“We got everybody together, the city pulled together with the junior league and we moved everything over, got everything set up,” says Co-director of FallsFest Natalie Henderson.

The rain couldn't stop the music, food vendors, performances or kids' activities, providing a great way for families to spend time together while staying dry.

“Despite the rain it's fun and he's enjoying it, everybody out here has been just great. My favorite part has been the food and his is just the excitement and the music and the rides,” says FallsFest Attendee Dennis Reeves.

And although the MPEC is not the traditional location organizers say being inside had it's advantages.

“We had a great story about someone in a wheelchair, it's much easier for them to get in, it was much easier for them to take care of their family members that were in wheelchairs,” says Henderson.

And they weren't the only ones benefiting from the change.

“The parking is a lot better here because of the large parking lots and things like that, it's a lot more lighted area here so it allows us to move around freely, we can move around on our bikes or in our vehicles and cover all the areas with no problems,” says WFPD's Public Information Officer John Spargins.

The response to the new location will determine where next year's event will be.

Organizers say they are keeping an open mind to make changes for next year, but also say hosting the annual festival at the MPEC is always an option.

“That's always a possibility, we're just kinda open right now, we're just trying to get through this year, see how it went, see how the community feels about coming the MPEC and we're just gonna try and take it from there,” says Henderson.

And dedicated FallsFest fans say they will be back next year no matter where the event is held.

“We love the activity and the surroundings and stuff like that, it's fun, the bands that they have, it's all good, everything's good about it and it brings money into Wichita Falls,” says FallsFest Attendee John Nettles.

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