SUV Road Rage Update

SUV Road Rage Update

Motorcyclist accused of triggering violent confrontation between NYC SUV driver and bikers is charged as the good Samaritan who came to aid of SUV driver comes forward.
(NBC News) The motorcyclist accused of triggering a violent confrontation between bikers and a New York City motorist was charged Sunday with first degree gang assault.

Also we're hearing from the good samaritan who came to the rescue of the victims.

"I do not call myself a hero," said good samaritan Sergio Consuegra.

But many others do.

Cell phone video shows part of what Consuegra happened upon last week.

A man smashing in the window of an SUV driven by Alexian Lien, who was dragged from his vehicle and beaten, while his wife and 2 year old toddler were in the car.

"I felt like they wanted to kill the man. I have to take a chance. I have to step in," Consuegra said.

That's when Consuegra put himself between the victim and attackers.

"Let it go. That's it. So we stood there just looking at each other's faces." "I stood my ground. I kept saying let it go man. That's it. That's it ya know, and they started to leave," remembers Consuegra.

The motorcyclist in the video, Reginald Chance was arrested and charged with first degree gang assault.

Another biker also faces a charge of gang assault.

An attorney for Chance, said his client's role has been overstated.

"My client obviously overrated in smashing the window but beyond that he was not a participant in any assault on that victim," said attorney Gregory Watts.

Also under investigation, as many as six off duty police officers who may have taken part in the unauthorized bike rally last Sunday.

NBC sources say one of them witnessed the beating, but was so undercover he didn't want to step in.

Internal affairs is looking into why it took several days for him to come forward.

For the Lien's a harrowing ordeal, made better because of the actions of a good samaritan.

Police are still trying to identify more suspects in the case.
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