Texoma Frost & Freeze...What is Normal?

Texoma Frost & Freeze...What is Normal?

Have you ever wondered when the normal first frost or freeze is in Texoma, now we have the answer.
Every Autumn in Texoma we cover our plants and bring in the flowers to preserve them from the coming frost and freeze.  This year the first widespread frost of the season happened on Saturday, October 19, 2013.  But this raises the question of when is the 'normal' first frost and/or freeze?  I did some research and I have the answers.

It is generally accepted that a frost can occur at a instrument level temperature reading of 38 degrees fahrenheit.  And a freeze happens at an instrument level temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit.

Here is how it all breaks down (using Wichita Falls official recording station at the airport and SAFB):

Earliest recorded first frost:  September 21, 1983 @ 38 degrees.

Earliest recorded freeze:  October 9, 2000 @ 31 degrees.

Normal first frost:  November 20.

Normal first freeze:  December 10.

KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp
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