T.S. Nate Update: 09-08-11

T.S. Nate Update: 09-08-11

Nate is nearing hurricane strength and forecast to linger in the Gulf for a long time.
The National Hurricane Center on Thursday had Tropical Storm Nate just shy of hurricane force located in the extreme southwest Gulf of Mexico, just off the Mexican coast.

Long term forecasts from the NHC have Nate wandering very slowly around the southwest Gulf until at least Tuesday and potentially longer.  The storm is forecast to move slowly because the steering winds, the winds in the atmosphere that push storms in one direction or another, are very weak and no direction is very dominant.

This causes a real problem on two levels.

First, it means the longer Nate sits over the extremely warm Gulf waters the stronger the storm could get.  The most recent intensity forecast takes it to a category two hurricane giving it sustained winds over 100mph.

Second, the storm will be only 100 to 200 miles off any Gulf shore and when it decides to make its' move those living along the coast where an impact is likely will have little time to prepare.

Overall, if you have family, friends or travel plans south of I-10 in Texas keep abreast of the latest information on Nate.

We will post daily updates here with the latest information.

Here are links that might be helpful:

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Met. Bryan Rupp.
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