WFISD School Board Studies Staffing Review

WFISD School Board Studies Staffing Review

WFISD looks to make future cuts after receiving a Staffing Review by the Texas Association of School Boards.
WFISD's School Board is looking over a staffing review study.

Richard Lane, a staffing services consultant, presented his findings to the school board at today's meeting.

He suggested slightly raising the average classroom size in the elementary schools and in both junior and senior high schools.

He also suggested replacing full- time vacancies with aide positions in the physical education department, as well as instructional and administrative positions.

"As we develop budgets and plans over the next years we just we just needed to identify not emotionally but factually where we were heavy at and where we were light at," said Kevin Goldstein, WFISD's School Board President.

Experts say the proposed plan would amount to nearly seven million dollars in savings.

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