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Wichita Falls Offers Many Resources for Drought Questions

Even though we have had two rains in the last week, they are just a drop in the bucket compared to the long term drought.

Even though we have had two rains in the last week, they are just a drop in the bucket compared to the long term drought.
And while the city has many avenues and resources to get information out about the drought, many residents say they feel the city isn't doing enough.

City officials say they have used every avenue they know of to get information out to the public, but some citizens stay they still don't know what is going on.

Elvin Dudley, a Wichita Falls resident said, "They're informing us how bad it is, but we already know how bad it is."

Wondering how low the lakes are? What water restrictions are in place? What's next for drought planning?

The city says they have the answer and it can be found in multiple ways.

Public Information Officer Barry Levy said, "People need to seek out the information, they can't wait for it to come to them, they can go online, they can watch channel three, they can subscribe to various modulus on the city website that will deliver them email messages and updates, they can call our office.

But Wichita Falls resident Michael Rice says he the city isn't getting the word out enough.

"They could do quite a bit more, mainly the research that's been done I've had to do on my own," Rice said.

Mayor Glenn Barham says people need to get involved in the process to stay informed. He encourages people to call the city offices and ask questions.

Mayor Barham said, "If they don't get involved then we don't know what the pulse of the community is."

Barry Levy says the city has used every method they can to try and keep people informed but if they can't find what they are looking for online they can speak to the city directly.

"They can contact our office for resources, they can attend city council meetings and talk to their city councilors, they can also attend the mayors city forums that he has quarterly," Levy said.

Mayor Barham says it's important to know that they are consistently working on the drought problems.

"Things are progressing, plans are in the works and there are solid plans on what we're gonna do to try and get more water for our community," Mayor Barham said.

Levy says the plans they have are helping but there is one thing they can't control.
"The solution is rain, right now the solution is rain," said Levy.

Here is a list of resources:

If you want information by phone, call the city main number, and they will transfer you to the right person. 940-761-7404
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