Scabies Scare

Just home from the office and on call. Once again, I keep on learning and laughing with my patients.  I saw a mom, dad and their two young boys last  evening. The boys were about 4 and 6.  When I walked into the room, it was so quiet, and then I realized that their clever mother had them playing the quiet game.  Seems I lost as I talked first!

She brought the boys in that evening as she had just gotten a note from the school that there had been several cases of scabies in her son's class. In her words, she freaked out and decided a trip to the pediatrician was necessary. 

So, when I asked her if the boys had a rash or had been complaining of being itchy, she just looked at me?  No there was none of that, it was just the whole idea that they might have SCABIES?!  Of course she had been online and could identify the mite if necessary.  She was certain that I needed to treat the boys, and maybe she and her husband?   She just said ,do whatever you have to do!

She then decided that maybe we should worry about lice as well, as don't these yucky bugs go together? Luckily, her precious little boys had crew cuts, so that was an easy rule out. 

So, seeing that they did not have any rashes, really no complaints other than maternal anxiety (we moms are good at that), I told her all was well.  She seemed okay with that except she didn't want to send her children back to school until the school exterminated the whole building and she thought she would wash all of their sheets and vacuum her house that night.  

I had to laugh as I told her there would always be germs and bugs around, no matter how clean we try to be. In fact, one of my own children had scabies many years ago and it took an allergist to diagnose him - no one had thought about scabies, but boy did he have a rash!  

I guess she felt a bit better knowing that my son now an adult had lived through it and her kids really did need to go back to school to learn to read! Just keep up good hand washing, and don't look for problems - I promised her she would know if they got scabies and the rash - it is hard to ignore! 

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