Waiting Room Games to Pass the Time

If there is one thing that everyone "hates" about going to the doctor's office it is the wait. In pediatrics there are so many variables as to how a child's visit will go that it can take longer than expected and patients have to wait. My office's waiting area has toys, books, a fish tank and a TV to pass the time. Over the years, I've noticed how parents handle the wait and how clever moms and dads can be. Once a patient gets to the exam room there may be another wait. Many parents use their cell phone or iPad to provide "in room" entertainment or older kids may get a jump start on their homework. Recently, one clever mom and her 1st grade son decided to spend some quality waiting time by going through spelling word flashcards!. When I walked in the room there they sat with the cards all spread out on the counter. He was happily working on combining words to makes sentences! Not only was he getting his required reading done, he and his mom spent quality time together. This would work for colors, shapes, numbers and vocabulary words. I hate it that my patients have to wait, but I'm now encouraging everyone to try to figure out the best ways to turn the wait time into quality family time. I'm Dr. Sue with The Kid's Doctor helping parents take charge.

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