July Rainfall Brings Optimism to Texoma

- This has not been Texoma's typical July, either in rainfall or temperature. Rhe highs are lower and the rain is greater.

We have only seen three triple digit days the whole month, compared to 7 last year, 21 in 2012, and 31 in 2011.

And except for the winter months, July should be our month with the lowest rainfall. But once today's total is added, we should be around 5 inches compared to the average of less than 2 1/2 inches-- and the month is not over yet.

But is it enough to start bringing us out of this stubborn drought and bring our lake levels up?

“We are definitely guardingly optimistic that maybe we've turned a corner in this drought,” says Public Works Director Russell Schreiber.

Schrieber says we could not have asked for a better July.

“This has just been a God send,” says Schreiber.

And when you look at the data from our KFDX 3 Weather Team, there is no denying that we have been lucky, with rain totals higher than the last 4 Julys, and the month is not even over.

One landscaper and nursery owner says this is the kind of rain farmers and gardeners love.

“This is what you call a farmer's rain. It's soaking in so hopefully we can pull a thunderstorm in the next three days that will be hard fast run off rain and that would be exactly what we need to get water in that lake,” says Paul Dowlearn, Owner of Wichita Valley Landscaping.

The cooler temps and extra rain have helped his business which normally slows down around June.

“But we've seen steady people, we've seen a lot of interest and the landscape crew, we've been busy the entire time,” says Dowlearn.

The extra rain mixed with a long term forecast that puts Texoma in the "still in drought but improving" category around October may bring high hopes, but it doesn't necessarily add up to fewer water restrictions because that depends on numerous factors and a vote by the council.

That requires council action.

For now Schrieber says his stress level is down a little as he, just like Dowlearn and other Texomans, are thankful for the precipitation but continue to pray for more.

Schreiber says despite the positive outlook it is still very important people keep conserving.

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