FORT WORTH (KFDX/KJTL) — Tuesday could possibly be the last day of the Amber McDaniel punishment trial in Fort Worth, as the jury is set to deliberate.

The jury will be read the charge and hear closing arguments from both sides before they begin deliberations after the State and defense both closed their case yesterday.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Monday? Amber McDaniel invoked her Fifth Amendment right, choosing not to testify in this trial. Originally, she was expected to testify.

The defense also called Amber’s mother Deena to the stand yesterday. Deena was questioned on her relationship with her daughter, and her role in her grandson Wilder’s life and how this has all effected their family.

Amber was, again, showered by support from her family during all of this.

Her husband, Bubba McDaniel, was in attendance Monday as well, his arm in a sling as he continues to recover from a gunshot wound he suffered on Sunday, September 10, just hours before the trial began.

The state recalled some of the witnesses from last week, like Courtney Bachman, Bubba’s sister. They even called Investigator Brayden Little to the stand for cross examinations.

After Judge McKnight dismissed Little from the witness stand, John Gillespie, on behalf of the state, closed its case. Barber, on behalf of the defense, also closed its case.

Judge McKnight dismissed the jury and instructed them to return promptly at 9 a.m. Tuesday, September 19, to hear closing arguments.

Only time will tell if we know what Amber’s punishment will be.

We will be keeping you updated all day long on-air and online, so keep an eye out for our live blog to start shortly after 9 a.m.